Hitachi: A Short History

Hitachi: A Short History

Hitachi Ltd., is a Japanese multination company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. We know Hitachi from their earthmoving equipment, however, they also range in businesses in I.T. services which include AI (Artificial Intelligence), and big data analysis. In previous years, Hitachi has been on the list of Fortune Global 500. Over the years they have decided to sell off or restructure a lot of their other businesses, from a total of 22 at its peak, down to now just 4.

Hitachi was founded by an electrical engineers back in 1910 by the name of Namihei Odaira. They started in the mining sector, developing a 5hp induction motor for use in copper mining. They were later hit hard during WW2 where many of their factories were destroyed by Allied bombings. Unbeknownst, the founded of the company, Namihei Odaira, was removed from the company.

Throughout the years Hitachi has sold off many of its other branches, such as their hard disk drive divison for $4.3B. Years on they decided to stop producing their televisions in Japan. In 2012, Hitachi acquired a nuclear powered energy company in the U.K, while also months later merging with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on a thermal power generation business as a joint venture beginning in 2014.

Hitachi plays a large role in many sectors around the world, they range from digital media and consumer products, financial services, I.T. systems, power systems, social infrastructure and industrial systems, and several other smaller businesses.

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