Kobelco: A Short History

Kobelco started with their first piece of machinery back in 1930 in Japan, where they created their 50k electric mining shovel. However, Kobelco’s roots are in steel, under the name of Kobe Steel, which started 25 years earlier in 1905. In the 1950’s Kobelco released their first truck cranes in Japan, and 2 years later signed a deal with U.S. company P&H to introduce new technologies to these cranes. In 1963 their first wheel excavator was released, the TY45, followed 4 years later by a track crawler the H208 in 1967.

Kobelco continued to grow over the next several decades and continue to do so today. Their range of machinery is extensive, while providing a quality product. Their excavators and cranes are quite popular due to their reliability, as these are what they are well known for. The Kobelco brand has been around for almost a century now, and is a well proven manufacturer of reliable machinery.

28th Jun 2020 Plant Keys

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